Inventory Features


Inventory management is essential for controlling ongoing sales in your online store. Whether it be discounts to customers, hands off stock control or fancy display options, you deserve a reliable, innovative software to back you all the way.

Fancy product image display options

Numerous product image display options available including INSTANT ZOOM, FANCY THUMBNAILS, SCROLLING MARQUEE and more. These options allow a unique look for your store, suitable for e.g. the fashion industry and many others.

Multiple product images

Without dimension and touch, it’s hard for a customer to feel comfortable in purchasing online items, so make it easier by uploading multiple images to any product page. Show your product from any angle and all available colors.

Bulk update product details

Who wants to open a new page and update prices one by one? With Ashop Commerce products can be bulk changed via a quick search or filter. You can customize which fields to directly edit from the list without needing to change pages.

Display within multiple categories

Create main and subcategories and apply any number of your products to any of these categories. Increase the exposure of your popular items into a range of different categories so your customers simply can’t miss them.


  • 100% flexibility using the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Multilevel product variants & optional surcharges.
  • Quantity discounts per product (by $ or %).
  • Discount coupons (expiry dates, traceable codes, $ or %).
  • Gift certificates (traceable codes).
  • Embed YouTube videos.
  • Cross-sell related products.
  • Advanced stock control.