Shipping and Tax Options


Sippedy do da, shippedy day. If you don't get your shipping right, no one will pay!
Custom shipping options have never been so precise. Real-time calculations have never been so easy.

Easy shipping costs

Shipping cost is automatically calculated and added to the purchase price during the secure checkout process.

Limit shipping countries and states

Select your allowed countries for shipping. When a customer is checking shipping costs or starting an order, their country or state will be unavailable, thus preventing an order from that location. E.g. ship only to America and UK.

National / International Tax options

Customize your own tax percentage to be included or excluded to your product pricing. Country and state based for ultimate flexibility.

Create free shipping option

Your real-time shipping integrations allow for free shipping over a set value. For example, you can suggest customers to add more to their basket by offering free shipping on orders over $150 (real-time shipping is app.


  • Custom shipping by postcode (testing for release Dec 2011)
  • Automatic shipping confirmation emails (customisable).
  • Domestic and International options.
  • Tax free products.
  • Integration with Australia Post, FedEx, USPS, UPS.