Marketing Tools


You have a fantastic store. All your friends tell you how great it is, but you can't sell a thing.
Marketing is the essential ingredient to any successful business. Use our new and exciting tools to expand your customer base like you never knew you could.

Facebook Social Store

A worlds first in Facebook social store integration. Ashop Commerce allows you to build and market your own store app that can be installed to any profile. The entire store is viewable including the checkout ordering process.

Search engine optimized w/ built-in sitemap.xml

World class, industry leading SEO experts were involved in building the structure of your storefront to provide you the best platform for ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

Integrated with Google Analytics

Full integration with checkout goal tracking to monitor visitor movement and abandonment. Simply enter Analytics code and save.

Customer specific discounting

Apply a special discount percentage to any customer profile. Loyal customers should be rewarded and an ongoing discount is the perfect gift. Every purchase automatically applies during the order process..


  • Integrated Live Chat application.
  • Built in newsletter marketing with loads of features.
  • In built link exchange programme between customers.
  • Integrates with any and all product comparison sites.
  • Custom exports to affiliate programmes.
  • Sell gift certificates to share the word.