Security & Hosting


Experience pays. Our engineers have over 100 years experience in IT and online security. This knowledge is crutial to ensuring the system is using the most up to date structure and properly managed applications for security.

Level 1 PCI Certified

Ashop Commerce is verified as PCI compliant through our Visa approved PCI scanning vendor. Both our hosting environment and application service are certified as level 1.

SSL data encryption admin and storefront

Your store administration and checkout are under the highest level of online encryption available, 128 bit SSL. All your information and customer details are safe and monitored daily.

Ultra-fast and reliable Rackspace hosting(#1 IT)

Rackspace are known as the #1 in IT hosting. Their fast, reliable and secure service was Ashop Commerce’s first choice when selecting the best provider to run your online stores. Their 100% uptime guarantee and state of the art security simply out do the competition in every way.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Rackspace are at the forefront in IT hosting. Their content delivery network dramatically reduces latency with data delivery. Using local server nodes, your store is cached and can be accessed by local users for a faster online experience.

Real-time Automated Backups

Data is backed up in real time to mirrored servers. If there is an error with one server, the backups are switched promptly with all up to date information.


  • Guaranteed 99.8% uptime.
  • Load balancing from traffic spikes.
  • SSL encrypted checkout.
  • Multiple power sources.
  • Proactive security monitoring.
  • Alerts within 30 seconds of downtime.